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MODEROID Plamo Image


Good Smile Company makes building model kits fun with the MODEROID series, which features mecha from a range of different series throughout anime history with both retro mecha and modern classics represented!

PLAMAX Plastic Model Kits Image


Popular mecha and sci-fi characters can be recreated with PLAMAX, Max Factory's plastic model kit series! The PLAMAX includes kits of a range of different styles for collector's looking to build quality models of fan-favorite designs!

30MM / 30 Minutes Missions

Build and customize original sci-fi mecha with Bandai's 30 MINUTES MISSIONS series! This lineup of original mech kits offers a wide array of designs with a high degree of compatibility and optional parts!

30MF / 30 Minutes Fantasy

The newest addition to the 30MM line, 30 Minutes Fantasy takes role-playing game style characters and accessories and combines them with the sci-fi look of 30MM for a whole new plamo world to enjoy!


Collect and build mechanical creatures with the beloved ZOIDS series - large mechs with designs inspired by animals! This series has both simple and detailed kits for both beginners and experts alike from Kotobukiya and Takara Tomy!


Build a complete sci-fi universe with HEXA GEAR, an original series by Kotobukiya that includes an innovative multi-purpose hexagon-shaped joint system. This series includes mecha, ships and many unique human characters (called "Governors"), too!

Frame Arms

FRAME ARMS is Kotobukiya's first original mecha model kit series, focusing on mecha designs at 1/100 scale. FRAME ARMS offers kits with a high level of customisation options and compatibility with FRAME ARMS GIRL products!

M.S.G Modeling Support Goods

The Modeling Support Goods series (M.S.G) by Kotobukiya offers a range of optional parts and accessories that are useful for adding extra detail to mecha and character model kits! Their versatile nature makes them super easy to use with just about any sci-fi kit!


Build Variable Fighters, characters, and more with a range of different kits based on the long-running "Macross" franchise that began in the 1980s! Features plastic model kits made by Bandai, Hasegawa, and other big brands in Japan!


Display your favorite Evangelion units from the classic sci-fi anime franchise with kits based on both the original "Neon Genesis Evangelion" series and the new theatrical "Rebuild of Evangelion" series.

Ma.K. Maschinen Krieger

The Maschinen Krieger series features models based on the immersive original world by Kow Yokoyama, with models based on spacesuits and mecha with grounded, realistic designs from a post-apocalyptic earth.

Kyoukai Senki

Bandai's Kyoukai Senki line includes a range of quality model kits based on popular designs from the Kyoukai Senki anime series (also known as AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline)!

Kamen Rider

Build heroes from the long-running tokusatsu franchise "Kamen Rider" with an array of kits based on all eras of this iconic series by Bandai!


Collect and build characters from the beloved tokusatsu series Ultraman, with kits based on the heroes, kaiju and mecha of this iconic Japanese TV franchise!

Armored Core
Metal Gear
Super Robot Wars

Bishoujo KitsBishoujo

30MS / 30 Minutes Sisters

Create your own lineup of original bishoujo characters with the 30MS model kits by Bandai! 30MS products are fully compatible with both other 30MS products and the 30MM series so you can make your own unique characters!

Frame Arms Girl

Build bishoujo characters based on Kotobukiya's original Frame Arms designs with the Frame Arms Girl series! These detailed kits offer a high degree of customization and compatibility.

Megami Device

The Megami Device series by Kotobuiya features both original bisohoujo kit designs and collaborations with other series such as the "Alice Gear Aegis" series, "Bullet Knights", and more!


Kotobukiya takes on classic fantasy tropes with bishoujo designs based on angels, demons and even classic monsters with these premium kits in the ARCANADEA series!

Sousai Shojo Teien

The Sousai Shojo Teien series by Kotobukiya features model kits with original schoolgirl character designs and a selection of accessories for recreating everyday environments and situations!


Designed by legendary artist huke, this plastic model series by Good Smile Company includes detailed original designs of characters in a gothic setting for a unique atmosphere!

Egg Girls

Hasegawa brings years of scale model design experience to the bishoujo genre with the Egg Girls series, which features a broad variety of cute girl characters, all in the same 1/12 scale!

Other Featured Kits

In addition to our large selection of model kits from Japan, we have plenty of bishoujo kits from new and upcoming makers in China, including the A.T.K. Girl Series, Seven Deadly Sins Hunter's Poem, Fantasy Girls, and more!