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How much does it cost to ship figures from you?

Shipping costs depend on the shipping method you choose. We offer a variety of shipping methods worldwide, from postal options to couriers. You can also store & combine your items with us for free for cheaper shipping!

How long will it take for my figures to arrive?

Shipping time varies by shipping method. If you prefer to get your figures fast, courier options will usually get them to you in less than a week! If you don't mind waiting, postal options are also available. For collecters who must have the best of the best -- speed, security, and great insurance -- we recommend DHL or FedEx!

How discrete are your packages?

All of our packages are sent in boxes with the HobbyLink Japan logo on the outside. For packages shipped via postal methods (Japan Post), the label on the outside of the box will only say it includes "scale model assembly kits and/or toys". For DHL and FedEx, your invoice will be visible from the label, which will include product names.

Is payment due when I order a figure?

For preorders: no! We only charge once your figure is in our warehouse ready for you! This means that we will charge you right away for figures that are in stock. If you need a little time to budget for that next beauty in your collection, we recommend preordering ahead of time whenever possible!

Do I have to shop in Japanese yen?

Nope! You can pay in Japanese yen, your country's currency, or almost any currency you like from around the world! Just pick your preferred currency using the box at the bottom of our website.