Tools for Every Kit - What You Need Before You Build

Starting a new kit but don't know what tools to get? We're here to help you out! This guide features a breakdown of all the basic tools you'll need for sci-fi model kits, and separates them out by skill level so you know just how to prepare! Below, you'll also find a list of kits based on what level of model you're looking to build. So what are you waiting for? Start your newest kit today!

Standard - Skill Level 1 Recommended Tools
Panel lining
Want to add some detail but don't want to paint? Try Gundam panel line pens to fill in the fine lines of the molding!
Gundam marker colors
Bandai also offers a line of markers to easily add a touch of color to your kits without bringing out the paints!
Gundam cutting mat
Keep your area safe from cutting tools and free of clutter with a cutting mat!
Entry Nippers
These handy nippers are perfect for HG kits and other simple model kits, and very affordable too!
Posing with action bases
Once your Bandai kit is complete, show it off with one of their many official display stands!
Posing with effect parts
Add a finishing touch to your model display with effect parts such as flames, smoke, and more dynamic display options.
Intermediate - Skill Level 2 Recommended Tools
High-quality nippers
A high-quality pair of nippers will last you a long time & get you a cleaner cut! An essential for any plamo builder!
Filing sticks
Files and sandpaper get rid of your nubs and flash so your model kit comes out looking nice and smooth!
Hobby knife lineup
Another indespensible tool for removing nubs or shaving down plastic: the hobby knife! Pick one up for cleaner results!
M.S.G. model kit parts
Kotobukiya's original line of Modeling Support Goods (M.S.G.) offers a range of option parts to easily customize your kits!
Display stands
Kotobukiya has its own line of display stands perfectly suited to fit your Frame Arms Girl or many of its other kits series!
Building with a work station
Keep your work area organized with one of these handy work stations, and other equipment for around your desk!
Advanced - Skill Level 3 Recommended Tools
Painting with an airbrush
For a polished, professional look, you can't go wrong with an airbrush! Once you master it, you'll never look back!
Tamiya Weathering Master
Don't stop at paint -- add realistic wear & tear to your modelling projects with weathering sets!
Model kit paint brushes
Our paint brush selection includes brushes of all shapes and sizes, for just about any project you can think of!
Model kit scribing
Create custom shapes, panel lines, and other designs on your kit with these carving tools & templates!
Model kit publications
Pick up an English or Japanese guide book for great tutorials, tips, & tricks that go beyond the language barrier!
Acrylic paints
VIC Color and Dio Dry Brush are great easy-to-use paints for a simple way to add more detail to your sci-fi kits!