Yawaraka Sensha (Soft Tank) Sticker Book

by Kodansha
$7.87 USD $7.87 USD


This is a Japanese-language book or magazine about science-fiction subjects related to anime and/or modeling.

Here's a neat book of stickers from the Internet anime "Yawaraka Sensha," which is translated as both "Soft Tank" and "Fragile Tank," although the literal meaning of "yawarakai" is "soft." The Japanese have a penchant for making cute versions of just about everything, even massive machines of destruction...and these li'l tankies sure are cute! They attempt to go into battle alongside actual tanks, but are invariably forced to retreat by such things as mosquitos and kittens...hence the moniker "soft" or "fragile." Set includes one big fold-out "panorama" and eight sheets of stickers. War...cute and adorable, the way it oughta be! Kawaii!!


Code: KDA78830
Release Date: May 2007
Item Size/Weight: 15.0cm x 14.8cm x 0.6cm / 120g
Manufacturer: Kodansha