Toho Dai-kaiju Series King Ghidorah (1964)

by X Plus
$404.28 USD $404.28 USD


This is a soft-vinyl (PVC) kit with pre-painted parts, portraying an item from science-fiction/anime.

The mighty King Ghidorah gets a new Tojo Dai-Kaiju series figure release from X Plus! This sculpt reflects his appearance as he was seen in his debut in 1964's "Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster," with his massive wings spread wide and all three heads ready for action! Those majestic wings spread to about 66cm across, and he's about 39cm tall, so clear plenty of room on your shelf for this golden beauty, and order yours today!

  • [Figure Size]: Approximately 39cm tall, 66cm wingspan


Code: XPS01599
Release Date: May 2019
Series: Godzilla
Item Size/Weight: 56.6cm x 46.0cm x 16.3cm / 1980g
Manufacturer: X Plus