The Legends of Mazinger +7

by Be! Smile
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This is a music CD.

Groove to the heroic tunes of Mazinger Z plus seven of his biggest buds -- Great Mazinger, Grendizer, Groizer X, Jushin Liger, Koutetsu Jeeg, Getter Robo, God Mazinger, Machine Zaurer and Mazinkaiser...whoa, hold on, that's nine. What's Jushin Liger doing here, anyway? No squishy types allowed with the robot crowd! Well, okay, just this once--especially with MIO performing his theme song! Ichirou Mizuki, Hironobu Kageyama, Masaaki Endou, and Apple Pie & The Kinds are also on hand to belt out these classy covers and self-covers. Recommended!


  1. Mazinger Z (English Version)
  2. Z No Theme
  3. Sayaka No Theme
  4. Yusha Wa Mazinger
  5. Tobe! Grendizer
  6. Minerva X Ni Sasageru Uta
  7. Tobe! Groizer X
  8. Ikari no Jushin
  9. Koutetsu Jeeg No Uta
  10. Fumetsu No Machine Getter Robo
  11. Jikan No Yuwaku
  12. Kyoryu Cyborg Machine Zaurer
  13. Mazinkaiser
  14. Mazinkaiser No Ballad
  15. Mazinger Z
  16. Soratobu Mazinger Z
  17. Bokura No Mazinger Z
  18. Ore Wa Great Mazinger
  19. Tetsuya No Theme
  20. Mazinger Z (Live version)
  21. Mazinger Z (Karaoke)
  22. Ore Wa Great Mazinger (Karaoke)


Code: BSCH30012
Release Date: Dec 2005
Item Size/Weight: 14.3cm x 12.5cm x 1.0cm / 110g
Manufacturer: Be! Smile