Tank Modeling Guide 8

by Model Art
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This is a book or magazine about tanks/AFVs and/or military modeling.

The German Army, which focused on the creation of armored units to dispel the humiliation of World War I, developed its Panzer III main tank and carried out a blitzkrieg with the support of the Air Force in the European continent during World War II. This Panzer III emphasized mobility, adopted innovative technology, adopted a five-crewman system that maximizes the capabilities of the crew, and fought fiercely even if it became slightly inferior from the middle of the war.

In this issue of "Tank Modeling Guide," the 1/35-scale Panzer III is introduced with a focus on new kits, from A to N, command tanks, submersible tanks, painting and weathering techniques, and working points. In addition, the commentary article will include the "final edition" of the Panzer III tank.

Examples (all 1/35-scale):

  • Type A -- Bronco
  • Type B -- MiniArt
  • Type E -- Dragon
  • Type G submersible tank -- Dragon
  • Type J -- Academy (42-caliber)
  • Type J -- Rye Field Model (60-caliber, full interior)
  • Type L -- Tamiya
  • Type M w/Schulzen -- Takom
  • Type M Kursk 1943 -- NEO Smart Kit Dragon
  • Type N -- Takom
  • Type F submersible tank (Operation Sea Lion) -- Dragon
  • Type H command tank -- Dragon
  • Type K command tank -- Dragon

Softcover, 136 pages, all text is in Japanese.


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