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    Sylvanian Families Yumemiru Princess Mermaid Shop
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Sylvanian Families Yumemiru Princess Mermaid Shop

by Epoch

$25.31 USD

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This is a posable doll with real fabric clothing, designed for collectors.

Dreamy Princess Mermaid Shop

[Yuenchi Series]


Dreamy Princess Mermaid Shop

Dreamy, dreamy...! Gilly the Silk Cat comes to visit Yuenchi and her eyes glaze over at the cute shell-shaped store.

She is bewitched when she finds a tiara and a walking stick that go perfectly with her mermaid dress.

It's shiny and sparkly," she says! Shiny, sparkly, and awesome!" It's perfect for a visit to the Mermaid Castle.


This set includes a shell-shaped store, sea-themed accessories, and a baby silk cat.

Open the shell-shaped store and get ready to open your mermaid store.

Once the accessories are arranged in the store, it is time to open the store!

The accessories can also be worn by the baby.

When you are done playing, close the shells and close the store.

When you close the store, the shell becomes a bag.

You can put away all the accessories in the bag and carry your baby with you in a cute decoration.

The silk cat baby is dressed in a mermaid princess costume.

She can also wear accessories and carry balloons.

Baby Silk Cat's name is Gilly.

Gilly keeps her treasure of beautiful beads and found stones in a box of goodies.

On sunny days, she can be found gazing at the sparkling brook in the sunlight.

Playtime at Yuenchi is even more fun when you play with the Dream Color Mermaid Castle (sold separately).

Wear the accessories and go play at the Mermaid Castle!

Baby Silk Cat (girl): Gilly Golightly

Birthday: August 11 / Favorite thing: Collecting beautiful things

Set includes

Silk cat baby, tiara, walking stick, body (lid), body (base), sign, brush, compact, stuffed animal, cash register, sofa, cash register stand, Dream No., bag (crab), bag (shellfish), catsuit, balloons (octopus), balloons (blowfish), pochette

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