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    Sylvanian Families Friendly Baby Set Water Play
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Sylvanian Families Friendly Baby Set Water Play

by Epoch

$15.70 USD $19.63 USD

This item is discontinued and is not expected to come back into stock.


This is a posable doll with real fabric clothing, designed for collectors.

Nakayoshi baby set -Sui-asobi

[Hoikuen Series]

This is a set of 3 babies with a water play theme, perfect for Hoikuen.

You can enjoy playing in the water with the dolphin boat and water toys.

The dolphin boat can carry a small baby.

The baby wears a cute swimsuit with wave patterns and shell buttons.

Water toys and goggles can be worn by the baby.

The baby fennec is named Yulee, the baby walnut squirrel is named Ambrose, and the little otter is named Nicola.

The "Minna no Ohisama Hoikuen" (sold separately), "Let's Play! Minna no Hoikuen Bus," "Nakayoshi Swing Set," "Castle Osunaba/Pool Set," and "Flora Rabbit Family," all sold separately, for more fun play.

Can be played with babies sold separately or with small babies.

Baby Fennec (girl): Uly Fennec

Birthday: May 12 / Favorite thing: Soap bubbles

Baby Walnut Squirrel (boy): Ambrose Walnut

Birthday: April 17 / Favorite thing: jumping around

Small baby otter (girl): Nicola Sprassie

Birthday: February 2 / Favorite thing to do: Playing with hands

Set includes:

Baby fennec, baby squirrel, small baby otter, dolphin boat, goggles (pink), goggles (green), water toy (pink), water toy (yellow)

*Some specifications may differ between the product and the photo. Photos shown include images.

(From Epoch website)


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