Super Robot Chogokin Gokaioh

by Bandai
$38.50 USD $42.78 USD


This is a completed action toy designed for collectors.

If you're not worried about gimmicky transformations into five little vehicles, and would rather have a robot that can do some extremely cool poses, the Super Robot Chogokin series is for you!  This rendering of Gokaioh is spot-on accurate to what you see the big guy do in the show, featuring double-jointed knees and other joints to give him absolute poseability.  Comes with removable chest cannon including a firing effect part to simulate the blast.  This item can be combined with the Patostriker included with the Dekaranger Robo in this same series to create the DekaGokaioh combination.


Code: BAN969753
Release Date:
Series: Gokaiger
Item Size/Weight: 17.1cm x 19.7cm x 7.1cm / 330g
Manufacturer: Bandai