Super Deluxe Torso Anatomy Model

by Aoshima
$148.14 USD $185.17 USD


This is a educational construction kit assembled from various materials (plastic, metal, etc.).

Ever wonder what your insides look like? Here they are, all 1/2.5 scale, so you can see exactly what's going on! Everything from the brain to the colon is right there where you can see it, and take it apart. The front and back halves of this 38cm upper body are separated so you can see each one individually, or you can put them together. Each half has removable parts to reveal organs, bones, and muscles! Excellent for gaining an understanding of what's inside you making you work.


Code: AOS07817
Release Date: Jul 2008
Item Size/Weight: 45.7cm x 42.0cm x 15.0cm / 2630g
Manufacturer: Aoshima