Spring Sale 2022

Ship now, ship more, save big! Spring Sale! Free coupons when you ship now! Up to 20% off shipping with FedEx

The savings don't end at the sale!
Ship fast and ship more to receive a huge discount on your next order!

Coupon rewards by date and shipment value. Shipment value is calculated as the total of all items in a shipment that includes at least 1 sale item. All deadlines are throuh 11:59pm, JST. Ship by March 16th for a coupon for ANYTHING including preorders. Ship between March 17th and 20th for a coupon for in stock items and backordered items. Ship between March 21st and 23rd for a coupon  for in stock items only. For any of these couposns, ship over 5,000 JPY for a 5% coupon, over 10,000 JPY for a 10% coupon, or over 20,000 JPY for a 20% coupon.

Ship anything you want! As long as you have at least one sale item in your shipment by the dates above and your item total is above 5,000 JPY, you’re guaranteed to receive a special coupon! The rewards get better the faster and bigger you ship, so check the grid above to get the BEST possible coupon - including ones you can use on pre-order items!

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• The Spring Sale begins March 14th, 2022 at 11AM JST, and ends March 23rd, at 11:59PM JST.

• Our Spring Sale 2022 discounts apply only to in-stock special sale items ordered during the campaign period. Any order handling method is fine.

• To be eligible for a Coupon Code, you must ship one or more Spring Sale 2022 items from 2022 March 14th 12:00am to 2022 March 23rd 11:59pm, and your entire shipment must have a combined item value of at least 5,000 yen.

• Non-sale items will count towards your shipment value total, but one item in the shipment must be a Spring Sale 2022 item.

• The Coupon Code you receive will change based on the date of your shipment, and the value of your shipment, as described in the coupon grid above. The total value of the shipment is based on product price only. Shipping costs are not included in the final value. Example: If you making a shipment that includes a Spring Sale 2022 item on March 15th, and the products are 18,000 yen and shipping is 3,000 yen. You will receive the 10% off coupon listed in the "Ship by 3/16, Ship Over 10,000 yen" square.

• One coupon per customer. If you ship multiple times during the sale period, you will be awarded the biggest coupon tier you qualify for. Coupons can be used one time only.

• Spring Sale 2022 Coupon Codes will be distributed to qualifying customers by March 31st 2022. The Coupon Codes will be valid until April 30th 2022.

• Only a certain quantity of stock is allocated for the Spring Sale. While all in-stock items will start with a sale discount, as soon as the allocated stock has been ordered, the item will no longer be on sale even if it's still in stock.

• Availability of Spring Sale 2022 items' stock and sale percent is subject to change without notice. An in-stock item in your cart may go out of stock or no longer be on sale if our last piece allocated for the sale was ordered by another customer before you placed your order.

• Items with a stock status of "In Stock: Orders usually filled within (time frame)" are not eligible for sale discounts.

• Refunds or price adjustments are not available for any price differences for items purchased any time prior to or after that item's period as a sale item in the Spring Sale.

• In the event of unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to end the sale early.