Soul of Chogokin GX-33 Spider-Man & Leopardon

by Bandai
$58.19 USD $68.46 USD


This is an action toy, with some die-cast metal parts, of a science fiction/anime character or item.

Yessiree, it's Spider-Man and his Giant Robot! Why rely on just your spider-sense, web-slinging abilities and super strength to save the world when you can have a huge robot with a sword and web-motif shield help you (oh, and with a cool "Spidermachine GP-7" car to drive around in, too)? This Chogokin offering from Bandai, based on Toei's 1978 live-action TV show, comes with a fully transformable die-cast and plastic robot that can convert between "Leopardon" robot mode and "Marveller" (really!) spaceship mode, a die-cast "Spidermachine GP-7" car (that can be stored in the Leopardon) and which includes a mini Spider-Man figure. There's also a larger (16cm tall) soft-vinyl Spider-Man figure in an exciting action pose (he controls the robot with those bracelets, and stores his costume in it!). Of course the robot also has spring-lauched "arm rockets," and Bandai thoughtfully provides a nice display stand to neatly show off all of the aforementioned. Whether you're a fan of the original Spider-Man, or just of modern toys of very, very odd 1970s television shows, this is a piece you must have in your collection!


Code: BAN939921
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Item Size/Weight: 34.5cm x 20.5cm x 8.5cm / 1020g
Manufacturer: Bandai