Shigeo Koike Art Print: Aichi Type 0 Model 11 Reconnaissance Seaplane (E13A1)

by HobbyLink Japan
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This is an aircraft art print.

The Aichi Type 0 Seaplane, or "Jake" in the Allied code system, was a nearly ubiquitous tool in the IJN's arsenal throughout the war in the Pacific, seeing continuous service from Pearl Harbor to the surrender.  While primarily used as its name implies in the recon role, it was armed with a single 7.7mm in the rear seat, and could also carry 250kg of bombs.  Koike's painting is a simple composition portraying the plane's smart lines over a deep, blue-green sea.  One is tempted to imagine a harbor, or warship, a few hundred meters ahead as the plane prepares to touch down.  As seen in the work, the plane could carry a crew of three.

This print is reproduced on heavy art board just like the original, and sized identical to the original, measuring 400mm x 315mm (15.75 x 12.4 inches). It's offset printed, and the color reproduction has been approved by Koike himself.  The art board measures 625mm x 453mm (24.6 x 17.83), giving you the freedom to have it framed as you would like. Each print is packed in a special sleeve inside a sturdy cardboard shipping box designed especially to prevent bending during international shipping (NOTE: These prints cannot be combined with other items for shipping, except for additional art prints; they will be shipped separately in their special packaging, even if ordered together with other items).

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Code: KIKAP-054
Release Date: May 2011
Item Size/Weight: 62.5cm x 45.3cm x 0.2cm / 70g
Manufacturer: HobbyLink Japan