Pokemon Zukan (Illustrated Encyclopedia) DP

by Takara Tomy
$43.08 USD $53.85 USD


This is a completed toy designed for children.

Here's a cool interactive electronic illustrated encyclopedia that's a handy reference to the world of "Pokemon: Diamond & Pearl" and also contains fun mini-games and various other modes to play with! This pocket-sized Pokemon Zukan ("illustrated encyclopedia") DP device features dual screens, with a flip-up main screen on top and a touch screen beneath it for selecting options. There are six different interactive modes:

  1. Illustrated Book mode offers a look at the Pokemon of Shinou district;
  2. Mini Game mode provides Pokemon information when you achieve high scores in each of the six mini games;
  3. Adventure mode allows you to capture Pokemon in the Shinou district and engage in a quiz battle with the gym leader to earn a gym badge;
  4. Correspondence mode allows you to trade Pokemon with other Pokemon Zukan DP devices;
  5. Setting mode is where you can set the time, enter your birthday, and access other options; and
  6. Trainer mode allows you to view your trainer card details, obtain Professor Nanakamado's evaluation, read advice, and more.

All text is displayed in Japanese. Three AAA batteries are required, not included.


Code: TKT77774
Release Date: May 2008
Series: Pokemon
Item Size/Weight: 19.0cm x 14.2cm x 6.0cm / 260g
Manufacturer: Takara Tomy