Pick your prize: ship and win to choose!

Pick your prize: ship and win to choose! Free prizes plus free delivery! Ship by February 10th to double your chances!


Winner #1)
Chris K. from USA
Winner #2)
Mark S. from USA
Winner #3)
Renato Y. from Brazil
Winner #4)
David H. from USA
Winner #5)
Jose C. from Peru

This event has ended.

Every 1,000 yen shipped - including shipping costs - is an automatic entry!
The more you ship, the more chances to win!

We only have one of each Prize Set below, and once winners are randomly selected, the person with the highest number of entries will get first choice, so be sure to get as many entries as you can for your best shot to win, and to secure the Prize Set you want most!


2,500 yen merch
1,500 yen shipping
4,000 yen total
7,500 yen merch
2,500 yen shipping
10,000 yen total
12,800 yen merch
4,300 yen shipping
17,000 yen total

Ship Now To Enter!


Choose Your Own Prize
Set E

Choose Your Own!

Not a fan of the prizes above, or someone already took the one you wanted? Don't worry, you can choose this prize for 10,000 yen in HLJ Bonus Store Credit so you can order anything you like!


• To be eligible for entry in Pick Your Prize 2022, you must ship one or more items from 2022 February 7th 12:00am to 2022 February 16th 11:59pm.

• You can ship an item using the Ship Now method, or by shipping from your Private Warehouse. Any shipping method is fine.

• The number of entries are based on the final value of your shipment (viewable in the “Ship Notice” email). Every 1,000 yen is equal to one entry. Values are not rounded up (example: a 5,300 value shipments and a 5,900 value shipment are both equal to 5 entries in the giveaway).

•Shipments sent from 2022 February 7th 12:00am to February 10th 11:59pm will receive double the number of entries.

• 5 Winners will be chosen by 2022 February 25th. Among those selected, the winners will be ordered by their total number of entries earned during the event. From there, winners can choose which Prize Set they want. Only one of each Prize Set is available. Prize E can be chosen multiple times.

• Winners who select physical prizes (Set A through D) will be requested to provide their address for shipping. The winner who selects Prize Set A can choose to receive all items at once when the RG God Gundam releases in June, or have the other items shipped to them immediately. The RG God Gundam will then be sent separately upon its release in June.

• Winners who select Prize E will receive 10,000 yen in HLJ Store Credit on their eligible HLJ account. Shipping costs for any items purchased with the Store Credit amount will not be covered.

• We reserve the right to alter, extend, or end the event early.