Perfect Change Cybaster

by Studio HalfEye
$539.42 USD $539.42 USD


This is a posable action figure of a character from science-fiction/anime.

This marvelously detailed, fully transformable action figure of Cybaster is another stunning feat of toy engineering by Studio HalfEye! Sculpted by master modeler Hajime Takashima to match its design in the "Super Robot Wars OG: Original Generations" PS2 game, Cybaster is capable of perfect transformation between its humanoid robot mode and its Cybird mode--no need to remove any parts! The figure is made of resin parts molded in color, attached with screws and carefully hand painted, expertly assembled by the Studio HalfEye team and ready for display and transformation right out of the box! A Studio HalfEye-branded small Philips-head screwdriver is included to let you tighten or loosen any of the figure's screws as needed. Cybaster comes with its Discutter sword, three optional hands, two of its High Familiars, and a display stand to pose Cybird in mid-flight. A full-color pictorial instruction manual is included. Absolutely stunning!


Code: SHE33042
Release Date: Jul 2008
Item Size/Weight: 32.5cm x 22.6cm x 14.5cm / 820g
Manufacturer: Studio HalfEye