Odakyu Romancecar Type 50000 Series VSE Basic Set

by Tomytec
$471.54 USD $523.93 USD


This is a train model which is meant to be operated on standard model railroad sets.

The 50000 series VSE is a Romancecar which started commercial operation on March 19, 2005. The characteristic front view and connecting body are from the 10000 series which appeared in 1987.


  • This train model recreates the Odakyu Romancecar 50000 Series VSE
  • The body features orange bands on pearl white
  • Seats are orange
  • The head car observation seats are equipped with interior lights
  • All car interior lights can be installed
  • The side indicator light is reproduced with red transparent parts
  • The "Odakyu" brand mark is recreated with included transfer sheet
  • The car number is included in the transfer sheet as well
  • The side passenger door numbers are printed on
  • Uses a power coupler
  • The head and tail light are equipped with a light board for lights that will remain on even when the train is stationary
  • Built in flywheel power
  • Uses CANON made motor
[Product contents]

  • 50900 (No. 1 car)
  • 50800 (No. 2 car)
  • 50700 (No. 3 car) (M)
  • 50100 (No. 9 car)
  • 50000 (No. 10 car)
  • Runner Parts: Wiper
  • Runner Parts: Ladder Hanger
  • Parts: Side view
  • Sticker: car number, brand mark etc.
  • Transfer sheet: car number etc.
[Recommended Optional Parts] (Not Included)
  • Interior lighting unit (LED): <0794> E (light bulb color)
The product photo incorporates an optional interior light (except for the observation room part)


Code: TMTHO-9016
Release Date: Jul 2018
Series: HO-Gauge
Item Size/Weight: Not yet known
Manufacturer: Tomytec

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