Nintendo Switch: Nintendo Labo Toy-Con 01: Variety Kit

by Nintendo
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This is an accessory for a video game console.

Adapted from Nintendo:

This fun set from Nintendo includes five different projects to make with your Nintendo Switch: two Toy-Con RC Cars, Toy-Con Fishing Rod, Toy-Con House, Toy-Con Motorbike and a Toy-Con Piano!

Toy-Con RC Car:

Use your Nintendo Switch touch screen to control your own Toy-Con RC Car! The Toy-Con RC Car is powered by vibrations in the Joy-Con controllers, and can even follow a path of magnetic tape by using the IR motion camera in the right Joy-Con controller.

Toy-Con Fishing Rod:

Build a working rod, then go fishing on your Nintendo Switch! When the Fishing Rod vibrates, hook your fish and reel them in!  You can find harder-to-find fish by venturing deeper into the "ocean."

Toy-Con House:

Play with a mysterious and cute little pet in this custom home. Play with and feed this adorable creature; you can also shake or tilt the House to make the things inside move.  Earn treats for your pet by playing mini-games, then you can touch the screen to feed these treats to your pet to see it change its color or pattern!

Toy-Con Motorbike:

Rev your engine and go racing on a motorbike!  Twist the right handle to rev the throttle and lean into the turns for realistic racing action!

Toy-Con Piano:

Make and record music in a variety of fun modes. It may be made of cardboard, but the Toy-Con Piano really plays!  Go up or down an octave with the lever on the side.  The Toy-Con Piano can be used to play smple songs, or even to create and record more complex compositions, making it fun for amateurs and accomplished musicians alike.

[Set Contents]:

  • Nintendo Labo Variety Kit Software
  • Cardboard sheet (x28) (includes extra sheet for customization)
  • Reflective sticker sheet (x3)
  • Sponge sheet (x3)
  • String (orange) 
  • String (blue) 
  • Grommet set (gray)
  • Grommet set (blue) (x4)
  • Rubber band (large) (x2 + spares)
  • Rubber band (small) (x6 + spares)

Note: This is the Japanese version of the game.


Release Date: Apr 2018
Item Size/Weight: 44.8cm x 34.5cm x 6.3cm / 2430g
Manufacturer: Nintendo