Nintendo Switch: Dock ni Hairemasen SW (Dock Extension Adapter)

$18.63 USD $19.62 USD


This is an adapter for a video game console.

This item is effective for measures against heat in the main body that can output to the TV without inserting the switch body into the dock. It enables you to Maintain "TV mode" while keeping various covers inplace.

Feature 1: No need to set the switch body in the dock; it's easy to play in TV mode. Since it doesn't plug into the dock, it's easy to connect it simply by inserting the cord. 

Feature 2: Can be used while covering the main body. Switching to mobile mode is very smooth. Various favorite console main body protective covers and thick glass films, etc. can be connected to the dock without peeling off.

Feature 3: Since it is not necessary to insert the main unit into the dock, it's also effective for countermeasures against heat from the main unit and screen rubbing. 


Code: NCGSWK2016
Release Date: Jan 2018
Item Size/Weight: 21.0cm x 11.2cm x 2.2cm / 90g
Manufacturer: GAMETECH