Multipurpose Knife Single-Edged (18cm) w/ Ume Decorative Wrapping (Red and Green)

by Nippon Select
$570.90 USD $570.90 USD


This is a cup, dish, or piece of tableware.

Rust resistant and long lasting sharpness. That's what you'll get with Tadokoro Hamono's double-edged knife made in Kochi Prefecture, Japan.

These kitchen tools are not mass produced items, every single knife is hand-made by a skilled craftsman who forges each piece and sharpens it to perfection.

This product uses a special type of steel known as "ginsanko" (stainless), which is loved by sushi chefs and others cooks around the world because it will stay sharp for a long time, lessening stress on the user. In addition, maintenance is easy because the blade will not rust easily, and if it becomes dull it can easily be sharpened with a household sharpening stone.

This multipurpose kitchen knife features a single blade, meaning it's beveled on just one side. This makes it especially sharp and easy to slice food into extra-thin cuts. In addition, the knife only needs to be sharpened on one side.

In Japan, knives are said to "cut down disasters and open the path to good fortune," making them an auspicious gift, perfect for weddings or other occasions!

Tadokoro Hamono hopes from the bottom of their hearts that you will enjoy their cutlery.

[Item Specifications]

  • Weight: 160g
  • Length: 18cm
  • Design of wrapping: Ume (red and green)


  • Blade: Ginsanko (Stainless)

Made in Japan by Tadokoro Hamono.


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Manufacturer: Nippon Select