Mr. Linear Compressor L5 w/Trigger Airbrush (PS290 0.5mm), Regulator & Stand

by GSI Creos
$426.81 USD $533.51 USD


This is an airbrush for modeling use.

A complete top-notch airbrush system, all in one box! That's right, you get Gunze's Mr. Linear Compressor L5, a PS290 Procon Boy LWA double action airbrush with handle-mounted drain and dust filter, Mr. Air Regulator with moisture trap, and Mr. Stand II Set! What else could you possibly need?

Mr. Linear Compressor specs:

  • Standard pressure: 0.1MPa
  • Maximum pressure: 0.12MPa
  • Air volume: 5.2 liters per minute
  • Standard voltage: AV 100 V
  • Power consumption: 31/29 W
  • Standard frequency: 50/60 Hz
  • Body size: L160mm x W120 x H160mm
  • Weight: 2.4kg

The PS290 Procon Boy LWA is a double action gravity-feed trigger-type airbrush with a .05mm needle. Includes a detachable 15cc color cup and exchangeable air caps for different spray patterns. Great for all-around painting.

Mr. Stand II Set comes with a chrome-plated tray base and space for two airbrushes, plus a holder for the Mr. Air Regulator moisture trap/pressure gauge. Also includes an adaptor for trigger-type airbrushes.

All fittings are 1/8 type (compressor also includes a PS type joint). Be sure to check your county's power system, as it may not be compatible with Mr. Linear Compressor! As stated, he uses the standard Japanese AC 100 V. You may need an electrical adapter to use this set in your country. Warranty is only valid in Japan, too.


Code: GNZPS-306
Release Date: Sep 2008
Item Size/Weight: 43.5cm x 23.3cm x 21.0cm / 3680g
Manufacturer: GSI Creos