Mosasaurus Vinyl Model FD-317

by Favorite Co., Ltd
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This is a soft-vinyl (PVC) figure kit with pre-painted parts.

Now you can add the mighty Mosasaurus to your collection! The Mosasaurus was a giant carnivorous marine reptile that flourished in the late Cretaceous era (roughly from 70 million years ago to 66 million years ago), and had a crocodile-like head, a barrel-shaped streamlined body, and paddle-like limbs. It was considered as an apex predator of the time, reaching up to 17 meters in length and preying on fish, turtles, sea birds, pterosaurs and plesiosaurs. 

Loaded with detail and realism, the model is supervised by Kazunari Araki, the leading dinosaur sculptor in Japan, having worked on dinosaur restoration models for major Japanese museums, as well as dinosaur picture books. 

This Mosasaur is about 40cm long, and is made of durable vinyl that's delightfully squishy and fun to squeeze (probably very unlike real Mosasaurs); it's perfect for kids since it won't break even when dropped. You can also use it as a display model, and it's also perfect for classroom use. Add it to your collection today!


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Item Size/Weight: 45.5cm x 16.0cm x 10.0cm / 240g
Manufacturer: Favorite Co., Ltd