Mister's Bizarre Cup Onahole Sex Pistons No.1

by HLJ Adult
$9.59 USD $9.59 USD


This is a sex toy for men that can be penetrated.

Get ready to shoot your shot with Sex Pistons No. 1! While this self-pleasure device does look suspiciously close to something from an anime with the name JoJo in it, we assure you it's purely coincidence. This realistic looking onahole provides a variety of sensations as you fire into it; starting from a super tight entrance, leading into a more comfy main space, and finally a tight corridor pulling you down to the bullseye! The best part is, this is no game of Russian Roulette! The Sex Pistons No. 1 is washable and reusable so fire off as many rounds as you want!

  • [Includes]: Reusable masturbation toy, lubrication

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Code: NPG13692
Release Date:
Item Size/Weight: 16.5cm x 6.5cm x 6.5cm / 210g
Manufacturer: HLJ Adult