MicroPets Ho

by Tomy
$11.43 USD $12.70 USD


This is a completed toy designed for children and/or collectors.

Can't afford an AIBO? Need a pet that requires very little care? MicroPets might be the answer! They fit in the palm of your hand, come with batteries (LR-44, or watch-type batteries), and are ready to respond to your attention. Talk to your MicroPet and it will meow back, or it will dance with joy, or it will simply start walking.

Ho is a cream-colored cat; the insides of its ears are grey, as is the tip of its tail; its muzzle and paws are white. These things are so super-cute we can't keep them on the shelves. Get yours now before they're all gone!


Code: TOM64295
Release Date: Nov 2002
Series: MicroPets
Item Size/Weight: 11.5cm x 9.0cm x 6.0cm / 70g
Manufacturer: Tomy