MicroPets Hana (Pink Rabbit)

by Tomy
$11.31 USD $12.57 USD


This is a completed toy designed for children and/or collectors.

Can't afford an AIBO? Need a pet that requires very little care? MicroPets might be the answer! They fit in the palm of your hand, come with batteries (LR-44, or watch-type batteries), and are ready to respond to your attention. Talk to your MicroPet and it will make a sound back, or it will dance with joy, or it will simply start walking. These things are so super-cute we can't keep them on the shelves. Get yours now before they're all gone!


Code: TOM64733
Release Date: Jan 2003
Series: MicroPets
Item Size/Weight: 11.5cm x 9.0cm x 6.0cm / 70g
Manufacturer: Tomy