MECHAMO: Centipede

by Gakken
$75.92 USD $75.92 USD


This is a educational construction kit assembled from various materials (plastic, metal, etc.).

Gakken's "Mechamo Series" of kits are more complex than kits intended for younger hobbyists (though of course with adult supervision, there's no reason a bright youngster can't put them together!). This metal centipede (check out all them legs!) comes with everything you'll need to build it; requires 6 AA batteries, sold separately. Download the parts list and the English instructions (both are PDF files. If you don't have Adobe Reader, download it for free!


Code: GAK166448
Release Date: Sep 2004
Item Size/Weight: 34.8cm x 29.1cm x 7.0cm / 1770g
Manufacturer: Gakken

Assembly Guide