Max Gohkin Genesic GaoGaiGar

by Max Factory
$157.19 USD $174.66 USD


This is a posable action figure of a character from science-fiction/anime.

We dare you to keep your hands off this! Max Factory has produced a simply mind-blowing die-cast metal and ABS plastic full action figure of the Genesic Gao Gai Gar. Just about every joint moves up and down, or from side to side, or rotates, and some move in multiple ways! The base figure measures about 21cm tall and is extremely heavy; no mere toy is this! A sturdy display base lets you show off the Gao Gai Gar itself, surrounded by all the optional parts: Genesic Bolt, Broken Bolt, Protect Bolt, Straight Drill, Spiral Drill, Will Knife, Protect Shade, Gadget Tools, Bolting Driver, and several sets of hands (including a clasped pair, for performing "Hell and Heaven"). Also included is the Gadget Gao, caps to cover the screws in the body, and a full-color instruction booklet illustrating how the various parts fit together (all text is in Japanese).


Code: MAX07001
Release Date: Apr 2004
Item Size/Weight: 44.2cm x 31.4cm x 19.0cm / 2370g
Manufacturer: Max Factory