Master File 98 Formula AV Ingram

by Soft Bank Publishing
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This is a Japanese-language book or magazine about science-fiction subjects related to anime and/or modeling.

The AV Ingram from "Mobile Police Patlabor" is the focus of this issue of "Master File"! Among the real robot works that were extremely popular in the 1980s, "Mobile Police Patlabor" stood out for its world view that skillfully interwove reality and fiction against the background of the social situation and expectations for the future of the time. The AV-98 Ingram was a high-performance machine developed by Shinohara Heavy Industries as a police trump card that could respond to successive labor crimes. What kind of thought and technology went in this robot's creation? This book analyzes the background of the Ingram's development, introduction, performance and structure, its activities and variants, and clarify the whole picture by independent examination. Detailed text unique to the "Master File" series, combined with illustrations and CG images shed light on all the details of the Ingram! Order yours today!


Code: SOF6076
Release Date: Mar 2021
Series: Patlabor
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