Macross Vol. II TV BGM

by JVC Entertainment
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This is a music CD.

Featuring major pieces from Kentarou Haneda's fantastic score and four Minmay songs, here's a reissue of the second "Macross" TV BGM collection! This JVC offering even has the original LP's jacket design and liner notes.


  1. Meisou
  2. Universe
  3. Empty
  4. Watashi no Kare wa Pilot
  5. Seishun no Machikado
  6. Spectacle
  7. Zentrandian Dai-Yousai
  8. Dirty Hero
  9. Kizu
  10. Nostalgia
  11. Melodious Ai
  12. Stardust Memory
  13. Yasashisa Sayonara
  14. Sunset Beach
  15. Carnival
  16. Passion
  17. Fukkou no Hibiki
  18. Senkou
  19. First Contact
  20. Lullaby
  21. Kane no Aru Fuukei
  22. Boukyou
  23. Long For
  24. Chintsuu
  25. My Beautiful Place


Code: VTCL60042
Release Date: Apr 2008
Series: Macross
Item Size/Weight: 14.3cm x 12.1cm x 1.0cm / 100g
Manufacturer: JVC Entertainment