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    LED Module (with Magnetic Switch) 3LED Rotating Light Red
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July Release

LED Module (with Magnetic Switch) 3LED Rotating Light Red

by Wonder Way

$4.60 USD

This item is limited to 5 per person.

This item is expected to release in July 2024. Preorder yours now! You will not be charged until the item is released and your order is filled.


This is an electrical part such as a motor, light, LED or switch.

Enhance your modeling and miniature projects with our new compact LED module. Enjoy easy, cable-free lighting with the W-PARTS series!

This innovative LED module combines an LED, switch, and battery case, all in one. Easily control it with a magnet for simple on/off functionality.

Product Features:

  • Compact Size: With a diameter of approximately 11mm and a height of 5mm, this LED module is perfect for models and miniatures.
  • Cable-Free: No need for wiring. Its lightweight and small size make it easy to integrate into various parts of your projects.
  • Three Speed Modes: Adjust the speed to low, medium, or high. The LEDs will light up and rotate seamlessly when the magnet is nearby.
  • Effortless Switching: Once installed, there's no need to dismantle for switching. Simply bring the magnet close within range to activate.


  • LED Module (with Magnetic Switch) - 3 LED Rotating Light
  • Product Size: 11x11x5mm
  • LED Lifespan: Approximately 30,000 hours
  • Power Consumption: Approximately 10mA
  • Battery: CR927 3V button battery (sold separately)

Please Note:

The images shown are prototypes. The actual product may vary slightly.

This product does not include a battery or magnet. Please purchase separately.

Due to variations in magnetic strength and environmental conditions, measurements for magnetic strength and light emission are not provided.

With a standard-strength magnet, the switch operates within a range of 1-3cm. Weaker magnets may require direct contact to function.


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