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    Koku Fan 2023/05
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Koku Fan 2023/05

by Bunrindo

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This is a Japanese-language book or magazine about aircraft and/or aircraft modeling. Some Japanese aircraft books, such as the Aero Detail series contain complete English text as well. See the product description below for details.

Special Feature: "Reconnaissance Balloon Shot Down and U.S. Mainland Air Defense

As reported in the news, an "observation balloon" raised by China strayed into the skies over the U.S. mainland and was shot down on the East Coast on February 4.

Although the U.S. and China differ in their understanding of whether the balloon was a military or civilian weather observation balloon, the fact that an unmanned balloon reached deep into the U.S. mainland without being noticed has various implications, and is becoming a major international issue.

In this month's issue, the organization and systems of NORAD (North American Air Defense Command), the U.S. Air Force, and the ANG (Air National Guard), which have been responsible for the air defense of the North American continent since the Cold War era to the present, are explained, and the latest training of the California ANG's F-15 unit in charge of this mission is also introduced on the color pages, including the commemorative painting The latest training exercises of the California ANG's F-15 unit, including the commemorative painted aircraft, are also presented.

The downing was also a "first strike" for the U.S. Air Force's fifth-generation F-22A fighter aircraft, and the military aspects of why the U.S. military used expensive fighter aircraft and expensive missiles against balloons are also examined in detail.

In addition, a related article will include the latest report on the Aggressor, a virtual enemy force to reproduce the threat of enemy aircraft within the U.S. Air Force.

We will also review the Mitsubishi Space Jet, the development of which has been officially announced as cancelled.

Dispatch of government aircraft for earthquake relief in Turkey

The Aero India Air Show

The skies of 198X: The U.S. Air Force's F-4C Mig Killer

One year after the Russian invasion of Ukraine

F-4EJ No. 431, a modified F-4EJ, to be exhibited at the Air and Space Expo in Gifu, Japan

Reexamination of the former Japanese Army aircraft "Shippou" on display in Chiran

The Unknown History of Japanese Gliders


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