KitKat Mini (14pcs)

by Nestle
$6.86 USD $6.86 USD


This is a type of chocolate.

Everyone loves KitKat, with the crispy wafer inside and the delicious chocolate coating outside!  These small, easy-to-eat candy bars are each in their own little package; you get a total of 14 of these delightful treats in a bag (each is a double bar, as is typical with KitKat).  Share 'em with your friends!

Please note that as these food products are rereleased by the manufacturer, there are often slight changes to the number of pieces included or grams per package, and that the item you contain may differ slightly from what is written on our item description page.


Code: NSL16806
Release Date: Dec 2017
Item Size/Weight: 24.0cm x 16.0cm x 4.0cm / 170g
Manufacturer: Nestle