Kirby's Dream Land Swing Kirby: 1Box (6pcs)

by Re-Ment
$49.41 USD $52.01 USD


This is a series of gashapon (capsule toys) or trading figures depicting characters or people.

Re-Ment dishes out some more fun Kirby mini-collectibles with these colorful swing figures! The characters hang by little hooks off the base so they can move side to side. Order yours today!


  • Kirby & Warp Star
  • Parasol Waddle Dee
  • Waddle Dee & Kirby
  • Meta Knight
  • Sword Kirby
  • Beam Kirby & Waddle Dee

One box of this item contains a complete set of the possible types. 


Code: REM20653
Release Date:
Series: Kirby
Item Size/Weight: Not yet known
Manufacturer: Re-Ment