Kirby: Fuwa Fuwa Collection Tensoge Chopsticks 3 Waddle Dee

by ensky
$9.35 USD $9.84 USD


This is a cup, dish, or piece of tableware.

Waddle Dee's face appears on the slanted ends of these chopsticks! Tensoge chopsticks are chopsticks which feature a sloped, tapered design at the tip of the end you hold, which adds an elegant flair to these already sleek utensils. This pair is light brown with a full-color tensoge design.

  • [Size]: 22.5cm long
  • [Material]: Natural wood


Code: AMD42463
Release Date: Oct 2018
Series: Kirby
Item Size/Weight: 25.5cm x 4.1cm x 1.0cm / 20g
Manufacturer: ensky