Kamikaze Photo Album #2

by KK Bestsellers
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This is a Japanese-language book or magazine about aircraft and/or aircraft modeling. Some Japanese aircraft books, such as the <em>Aero Detail</em> series contain complete English text as well. See the product description below for details.

This is a definitive two-volume photo book series of famous Japanese Kamikaze suicide attacks in WWII. This second volume spans the later period of the air operation from March 1945 to the end of war (Okinawa and Japanese mainland neighboring waters) as well as the numerous no-return attacks on the surface (BB Yamato & Shinyo motorboats bomb), underwater (Kaiten human torpedo and I-400 subs), in the air (fighters dashing against B-29 bombers) and IJA Paratroop operations. Hundreds of photos(all are in black and white) are gathered from military archives and private collections from both sides of the war. The Japanese photos are mostly composed of group photos of Kamikaze Attack Groups and scenes at their bases. Most pages, however, are filled up with Allied (mostly US; some British) side photos; these capture the scenes of fierce air defence combat (shooting down Kamikaze pilots) and the terrible damage caused by attacks on aircraft carriers, battleships, support vessels and others. Photos are arranged for each of attacked vessels. Illustrations of how Kamikaze pilots struck are provided, too. At the end of the volume 2 is included a number of scale drawings of Kamikaze aircraft, illustrations showing damage on US vessels, and a long list of Kamikaze operations, Troops ID, combatant's rank and name and its war result, for both IJN & IJA air force. Unfortunately, there are no English captions. Hard cover; cloth bound with a sturdy slip case. 367pp.


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