Joint Gattai Magiking

by Bandai
$23.93 USD $29.92 USD


This is a completed action toy designed for collectors.


Bandai's new series of "Joint Gattai" figures features the classic giant robots of the Super Sentai series reissued as simplified versions of the original deluxe toys, but with a new, common type of connection joint that essentially turns them into giant robot Legos!  Of course you can rebuild them as they appeared in the series, but you can also create original designs with the parts in any one set, or mix and match parts from others in the series to create your own unique robot designs!  Cool poses, or goofy fun?  It's up to you!  This set includes the five vehicle robots from the original Magi Ranger series.



Code: BAN965070
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Item Size/Weight: 21.1cm x 18.1cm x 9.0cm / 320g
Manufacturer: Bandai