J.R. Type EF64-1000 Electric Locomotive (with Double-Headed Coupler / Prestige Model)

by Tomytec
$392.68 USD $436.31 USD


This is a train model which is meant to be operated on standard model railroad sets.

The EF64-1000 is an electric locomotive that was introduced in 1980. Among the 1000s used by JR East, some have been remodelled and equipped with double-headed couplers.


  • Created in the image of the No. 1032 prototype
  • Eaves over cab windows' wiper scrapers created as separate parts
  • Rooftop emergency exits
  • Electric heat indicator light
  • Pantograph powered by PS22D
  • Wheels with integrated plates
  • Rubber window H-seal scuplted in black
  • Printed head marks for Cassiopeia, Akebono, Hokuriku, and Dewa
  • Choice of number plate or maker plate
  • Printed number plates for EF-64-1030, 1031, 1032, and 1029
  • Printed side JR mark
  • Printed inspection title and more
  • Printed "Nagaoka" destination plate
  • Headlights lit with bulb-color LEDs
  • Drive with Canon motor and flywheel
  • Kadee No. 5 coupler
  • Equipped with conduction terminal
  • Metal parts: pantograph, handrails, wipers, door hooks, signal flares, air hose
  • Plastic parts: step, wireless antenna 

Set contents:

  • EF64-1000 (double-headed coupler / prestige model)
  • Runner parts: number plate (blue), number plate (cream), head mark
  • Etched runner parts: manufacturer plate, end notation


Code: TMTHO-172
Release Date: Jul 2018
Series: HO-Gauge
Item Size/Weight: Not yet known
Manufacturer: Tomytec