J.R. Series 24 Type 25 Limited Express Sleeping Cars (Twilight Express) Basic Set

by Tomytec
$369.13 USD $410.15 USD


This is a train model which is meant to be operated on standard model railroad sets.

The Twilight Express was a sleeper express train that began running in 1989. It departed from the conventional blue image to a green color scheme and contained two-story private cars, a lobby car, view suite, and various luxury room gear, which made it quite the popular sleeper train. During normal service periods it ran every other day, with daily service during busy periods.


  • Suronefu as it appeared after the addition of view room rain gutters
  • Oha 25-550 with in-car color sheet employed
  • Printed logo markings, yellow and silver stripes
  • Kani 24 window bars recreated in green from the inside
  • Kani 24 indoor engine with printed JR marking
  • Train marking able to be lit using white LEDs
  • Parts with printed train markings
  • Destination board and bed display can be lit depending on the lighting set used
  • Oha 25 car end antenna and jig included
  • Kani and Suronefu equipped for Kadee couplers on the locomotive end
  • Fogged glass (excluding the Kani)
  • Side destination boards' inner stickers included
  • Side indicator lamps affixed
  • Car number transfer sheet included
  • HO-TN coupler standard equipment 

Set contents:

  • Kani 24-0
  • Ohane 25-510
  • Oha 25-550
  • Suronefu 25-500
  • Runner parts for train marks, air hose, bench letters A/B/C/D, destination board glass
  • Additional parts for: Roll screens, roll curtains, antennas, hooks (2 types), interior lighting unit fixed pints, interior lighting unit joiner S/L, jig, destination board, and more
  • Transfer sheet: various titles, car numbers

Optional parts recommended for this set (sold separately):

  • Interior lighting unit (LED): Kani 24 #0795 E (White) / For Add-On Set A: #0794 E (lightbulb color)


Code: TMTHO-091
Release Date: Jul 2018
Series: HO-Gauge
Item Size/Weight: Not yet known
Manufacturer: Tomytec

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