J.R. Series 223-2000 Suburban Train Basic Set A

by Tomytec
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This is a train model which is meant to be operated on standard model railroad sets.

The 223-2000 series is a group that appeared in 1999 and is active in new lines such as the Tokaido and Sanyo Main Line.

It has a 4, 6, 8 car organization, and is active through Tsuruga and Binfuri Ako with various combinations of up to 12 car formations.


  • This product can recreate the 4-car V form. When combined with the cars of A, you can recreate the 8-car W form, and when combined with cars from B you can recreate the 6-car J form.
  • The bead on the end panel recreates the new form
  • Kumoha and Moha's underfloor equipment appearance is the same as A, and is different from the basic B
  • The skirt recreates the extended lower part
  • The corrugated wheels have been faithfully recreated
  • The car side indicator separate parts have been pre-installed
  • The wipers are included as separate parts
  • The front fall-prevention parts are not recreated
  • The JR mark has been reproduced through printing
  • The car numbers are included in the transfer sheet and can be selected
  • Sticker included for the side curtain.
  • Transfer sheet included for the car body marking
  • An on/off switch is included for the driver interior light
  • The headlight features a light bulb color and yellow color, and the taillight is red
  • Headlights can be recreated with a switch function to make them light up together when both front cars are connected by facing each other
  • Front indicator lights feature a white LED
  • Features flywheel power
  • Equipped with a TN coupler
  • The minimum passing radius is R490 (excluding S-shaped linear shape)

[Product Contents]

  • Kumoha 223-2000
  • Sakha 223-2000
  • Moha 223-2100 (2000) (M)
  • Kuha 222-2000


  • Runner Parts (Etching): Wiper
  • Sticker: For side
  • Transfer sheet: Car number
  • Transfer sheet: Other notation

[Recommended Optional Parts] (Sold Separately)

  • Interior lighting unit (LED): <0795> E (white)


Code: TMTHO-9027
Release Date: Jul 2018
Series: HO-Gauge
Item Size/Weight: Not yet known
Manufacturer: Tomytec