J.N.R. Class EF63 Electric Locomotive (Second Edition/Prestige Model)

by Tomytec
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This is a train model which is meant to be operated on standard model railroad sets.

The EF63 class appeared as a secondary locomotive to help trains up and down the steep slope of the Usui Pass, with 25 built in 1962.

It was connected with trains passing through the Usui Pass (the Yokogawa station side), and it was operated between Yokokawa and Karuizawa.

In 1997, the Nagano Shinkansen started business due to the abolition of the Usui Pass section, and all cars have retired, but nearly half of them are still present in preservation and can be driven if you acquire the proper license.


  • Prestige model with parts pre-installed
  • Secondary type (14 to 21) where the position of the arrester is centered is prototype
  • Planned to have 3 stage speed adjustment function for connection with train formation
  • Planned to have a structural that can increase / decrease weight by split weights (train formation consolidation measure)
  • The tail lights can be lit when the train is pushing other trains uphill
  • The head light and tail light can be turned on and off with a switch on the end unit (inside the monitor)
  • The Karuizawa side connector is equipped with a double headed coupler, self-connecting type is a caddy coupler and closed type can be connected with a tight coupling TN coupler
  • Group name tags are printed "sideways"
  • Headlight: lightbulb color LED
  • Electrical terminal: Equipped in the monitor on the roof
  • The maker's plate comes on a photo-etched plate board
  • Car number: selectable (from metal transfer sheet) and an easy attachment plate is also planned to be included
  • The following parts have been installed with metal: Pantograph, various handrails, wiper, release lever, signal flame tube, air hose, jumper hose
  • The following parts have already loaded with plastic parts: dolly step, various cables
  • Recreation of body markings such as inspection marks by printing
  • Etched plate for end marking included
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  • EF63 (Secondary / Prestige Model)
  • Runner parts (photo-etch): Maker's Plate, End
  • Runner parts: number plate
  • Metal transfer sheet: car number

Note: The photos that are posted are prototypes and may differ slightly from the final product.


Code: TMTHO-195
Release Date: Jul 2018
Series: HO-Gauge
Item Size/Weight: Not yet known
Manufacturer: Tomytec

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