J Ground Vol. 4

by Ikaros Publishing
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This is a book or magazine about tanks/AFVs and/or military modeling.

Glossy military magazine for fans of ground combat. Cover story: soldiers and insurgents in Iraq. Also: an analysis of the relative power of the various nation's latest MBTs. With several photos of Type 90(Japan), M1A1/A2(USA), T-80(Russia), Leo2A6(German), Leclerc(France), Challenger 2(UK), Merkava Mk.3(Israel), C1 Aliete(Italy), K1/K1A1(Korea), Arjun/Arjun EX(India), Falcon 2(Jordan). Olifant(S. Africa) and Sabra(Israel). The report of T-80U in Korean Army and T-34 in Bosnia are interesting. A good handy reference about latest MBTs. Sorry no English captions.


Code: IKA49566
Release Date: Jun 2004
Series: J Ground
Item Size/Weight: 28.5cm x 21.0cm x 0.9cm / 550g
Manufacturer: Ikaros Publishing