How to save on shipping. Get the most out of your FedEx or DHL shipments.
Only FedEx or DHL? Why is shipping so expensive? Haven't you heard? FedEx and DHL charge by size, not by weight, so you gotta be a bit more creative! For example, bundle different items to see what you can fit without increasing the price! Here's another example! And one more! Oh! So I should mix and match to find the best deal! - Yeah! You just have to try and see what works to save! Now you can throw something in for me too, right?

FedEx and DHL shipping costs are based on volume (size) rather than weight, so the examples illustrated above depict items that may fit together in the same box type.

The examples depict possible shipment combinations (such as figures and keychains), but may not work the same for all item types depending on the size of the individual item(s).

Rates will differ depending on your country.

Due to the size of certain items, placing additional items in your shipment may bump up your order to the next available box size which will then cause price differences.

Now, this won’t always work in each situation and with all types of items. The best method to save is really just to play around with the items you want to ship to try and find the best solution for you. Our goal is to help you save, so we hope this guide helps with that a bit!