HJ Mechanics 05

by Hobby Japan
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This is a Japanese-language book or magazine about science-fiction subjects related to anime and/or modeling.

In this new issue of "the hobby magazine for mecha-loving adults," the focus is on "Mobile Suit Z Gundam" and "Mobile Suit U.C. 0087." Examples and explanations are provided of pivotal mobile suits from these two timeless series, as well as scratch-built models and explanations of the development history of mobile suits from the 0079 century to the first half of the Universal Century 0087. 

Includes: MG Gundam Mk-II, MG Rick Dias, MG Hayaku, MG Hi Zack, MG GM II, 1/100 Garibaldi Beta, HG Assimer, HG Gaplan, HG Act Zaku, HG Dedekai and GM II.  Order yours now!

Softcover, text is in Japanese.



Code: HBJ62166
Release Date: Mar 2020
Item Size/Weight: 28.7cm x 22.3cm x 0.8cm / 370g
Manufacturer: Hobby Japan