Heat Pen System Easy Welder HP-1000

by Towada
$66.99 USD $74.44 USD


This is a tool for use in model assembly.

A heat pen for use with plastic. Great for cutting, bending, welding, making holes, or doing just about anything you want to plastic! The temperature controller lets you set the temp anywhere between 160 to 270 degrees Celsius (320-518 degrees Fahrenheit). Includes three different tips ( a "welder," a "cutter," and a "pinpoint" tip) for a variety of jobs. Works with AC100V, 50Hz/60Hz electrical systems, so be sure your county's system is compatible (you may need an adapter of some type). Great for all types of plastics, but not for use with polyurethane resins. Also cannot function as a soldering iron.


Code: TWDHP-1000
Release Date: Feb 2008
Item Size/Weight: 20.2cm x 16.2cm x 5.0cm / 380g
Manufacturer: Towada