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    GP.533 Mini 4WD Skid Seal 2 (80 x 120mm 2 pcs)
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GP.533 Mini 4WD Skid Seal 2 (80 x 120mm 2 pcs)

by Tamiya

$2.16 USD

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This is a set of optional parts for Mini 4WD car models.

Mini 4WD Upgrade Parts No.533

Mini 4WD Skid-Tape 2 (80x120mm, 2pcs.)

SKID-TAPE 2 (80x120mm, 2pcs.)

These seals are useful for improving the performance of your machine and setting up your car.

PET stickers with low friction.

By attaching to bumpers and the back of the chassis, the SKID-TAPE 2 will skid when it comes in contact with the track surface, reducing the loss of speed.

The large size of the sticker allows it to cover the entire backside of the chassis to reduce unevenness, or cut it into smaller pieces and affix it to the head of a screw on the backside of the bumper to prevent it from getting caught when the car rides over the side fence of the course, making it easier to slide back on to the course.

Please use scissors or other tools to cut the necessary size and affix it to the area on the machine where you want to reduce the bumps.

Basic specifications

Set of two 80 x 120 mm, 0.025 mm thick stickers


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