Go! Anpanman: Rice Furikake Salmon & Seaweed

by Nagatanien
$2.51 USD $2.51 USD


This is a packet of furikake seasoning for use on rice or other food.

Give your meal an extra kick of flavor with Japanese furikake seasoning! Furikake is a dry seasoning mainly used for sprinkling on cooked rice, vegetables, and other food, and comes in a variety of flavors to enjoy.

Make meal time more exciting with this "Anpanman" themed furikake! It comes in an easy-to-serve, resealable package, and has a salmon and seaweed taste. In addition, the seasoning contains kamaboko (a processed seafood product) featuring Anpanman's face! This 24g package is enough to season about 16 rice balls or small bowls of rice.


Code: NTE03872
Release Date: Apr 2017
Item Size/Weight: 16.7cm x 12.0cm x 0.2cm / 30g
Manufacturer: Nagatanien