Gigantic Series Godzilla (2019) General Distribution Ver.

by X Plus
$696.13 USD $696.13 USD


This is a fixed-pose model of a science-fiction/anime item.

X Plus brings us the latest Godzilla in their Gigantic Series collection, this time featuring the 2019 version! True to the series' name, this guy stands at a whopping 47cm to the head and 53cm to the end of the tail. The total length of this beast is 97cm! Faithfully reproduced from the original film, this enormous Godzilla has incredibly sculpted textures and details. Order today!

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Code: XPS01795
Release Date:
Series: Godzilla
Item Size/Weight: 60.5cm x 55.7cm x 42.2cm / 8230g
Manufacturer: X Plus