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    GFF Gundam X
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GFF Gundam X

by Bandai

$27.82 USD $34.78 USD

This item is discontinued and is not expected to come back into stock.


This is a posable action figure of an item from the Gundam universe.

Although the "Mobile New Century Gundam X" anime series failed to garner much interest during its original TV run in 1996 and ended with just 39 episodes, the show did give us some really cool Mobile Suit designs -- two of which, the Gundam X and Gundam X Divider, are featured in this 33rd entry in the Gundam Fix Figuration series! The Gundam X action figure is superbly detailed and has custom markings in nearly every area, according to Hajime Katoki's vision of the Mobile Suit. Gundam X's armaments include satellite cannon, beam sword, and a shield buster rifle. Optional parts are included for you to upgrade the Mobile Suit into Gundam X Divider, equipped with a beam machine gun, divider, beam sword, hyper bazooka, and an x-grenade. In addition to the Gundam X Divider parts, the set also includes interchangeable parts for displaying GX-Bit armed with a satellite cannon, shield buster rifle, and a beam sword. A custom display base is included, imprinted with the names of both Mobile Suits.


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