Gekiranger + Kamen Rider Den-O Quiz & Puzzle #2

by Tokuma
$7.81 USD $7.81 USD


This is a Japanese-language book or magazine about science-fiction subjects related to anime and/or modeling.

This all-color book, printed on durable heavy stock, is full of simple "Gekiranger" and "Kamen Rider Den-O" quizzes and puzzles for kids and is illustrated with lots of toys from both shows. Although most puzzles are simple to understand such as mazes and connecting dots, an understanding of hiragana and katakana will be needed for the text quizzes and puzzles. All text is in Japanese.


Code: TOK701019
Release Date: Aug 2007
Item Size/Weight: 15.0cm x 15.0cm x 1.8cm / 390g
Manufacturer: Tokuma